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They can work remotely from their own home or office while still providing vital support to healthcare professionals. VNA makes finding laboratory results or other vital data easier, enabling doctors to decide more accurately on a patient's diagnosis and course of treatment. Additionally, Portiva's virtual nurse assistant provides an efficient way to keep up with ever-changing healthcare regulations so physicians can always remain compliant without constantly updating themselves on new rules or procedures. Virtual nurse assistant positions allow healthcare professionals to work remotely anywhere and offer flexible hours for those unable to work full-time owing to family or personal obligations. Doctors may concentrate on giving their patients high-quality care without having to worry about administrative work with the aid of a virtual assistant nurse. Put a virtual medical staffing business that understands doctors' needs to work for you today by contacting Portiva! Look no further than Portiva for solutions to enhance the efficiency of your practice. The virtual assistant is in charge of a variety of duties within the office, including organizing billing procedures, administering electronic health record (EHR) systems, and scheduling patient visits. Thanks to their thorough training program and support staff, you can be sure that all of your patients are receiving the proper care. nurse virtual assistant